Anifa Mvuemba Wants You To Stop Playing With Hanifa

Mvuemba wants to continue exploring clothing and footwear, but she also wants to consider the possibilities of bridal wear, mentorship programs, and even furniture eventually. “It’s mind blowing to be able to create a space and have all these different things under one umbrella,” she says. “When I have to come up for air, I’m always in shock. And I, of course, can’t do any of this without my team helping me with all these different sectors. It’s so important to have people who believe in what we’re doing.”

With this latest splash back into the digital realm, Mvuemba is excited for fans of the brand to see all that Hanifa has to offer. She’s simultaneously ready to show the world that Hanifa isn’t just a niche fashion brand, but one that everyone needs to take notice of.

Aiyana Ishmael

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