Lucky Finds: Five Watches – Revolution

Being a 23-year-old student from Milan with an immeasurable passion for watches, isn’t a bad position to find oneself in. Now, if you’re wondering why, well, the reason is simple. Whenever I meet up with my friend Ross Povey, or even when I post on Instagram, I am most likely to receive such comments as “Wow, that’s amazing, where did you find it?!”. The answer usually is, “around”. I have a huge love for browsing, thrift shopping and looking where others only see junk! Yet that’s where I’ve found most of my watches, many of which have intrigued and fascinated numerous collectors, despite not breaking the bank or them being “the rarest” or so-called “important” pieces.

My name is Andrea Casalegno and I am a young watch collector and journalist with big dreams, small pockets and a lot of passion. For my debut on Revolution magazine, I’m glad to present you five watches I was lucky (and I mean it!) to find around Milan or when travelling, starting with the one that’ll forever have my heart: the Softwatch.

Andrea Casalegna

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