Today’s News for Women Over 50

It’s Wednesday and time for Today’s News for Women Over 50!

This is up-to-the-minute today’s news, curated from around media and put in a weekly newsletter…just for you!

So, let’s get s refreshing morning beverage and a comfy spot to settle down with lifestyle news for you…the fabulous women over 50!


Today's News

Pure Wow,  “I’m a millennial, and my mom’s a boomer, and here are seven fashion trends we actually agree on.”

Well + Good“6 ingredients hairstylists want you to add to your routine as soon as you start to go gray.”

Best Life“This iconic clothing chain is closing stores starting June 23.”

Business of Fashion “How to navigate the return of wholesale.”

WWD“Ulta Beauty’s Shelley Haus dies at 49.”

HEADLINE:  JCP introduces new Marilyn Monroe inspired collection. Here are a few selections:

HEADLINE: TALBOT’S introduces new July collection.  Here are a few selections:


Today's News

Yahoo! Finance:  “15 best places in Texas for a couple to live only on social security.”

The Sun “What you need to know about shopping Walmart.”

WebMd:  “10 ways to save money on food shopping.”

Market Watch:  “4 beach towns where you can buy a house for $300,000 or less.”

Travel Awaits: “5 Things to consider and 2 to avoid when saving for retirement.”


Today's news

Architectural Digest“Tour the ultimate coastal grandma retreat in Maine.”

The Sun“Deep clean your home in five easy steps and it only takes one hour to be spotless.”

Backyard Boss: “The 10 most beautiful perennials that bloom all summer.”

Kitchn “7 kitchen trends that are so over, according to interior design experts.”

Apartment Therapy: “8 ways to dress up your patio for summer with greenery, according to plant pros.”

What’s Up Media“Say goodbye to these outdated home interior trends.”


Today's News

Eating Well “Doing this before bed can mess with your metabolism and has nothing to do with food.”

Eat This, Not That:  “Cheese brands to stay away from right now.”

Tasting Table:  “The simple way to elevate a store bought pie crust.”

Southern Living“Oven roasted corn-on-the-cob.”

Southern Living“60 simple seafood dinner ideas.”


Today's News

Fox News“Three’s company star Suzanne Somers on how she’s staying healthy at age 75…You have to be vigilant.”

Eat This, Not That:  “The quickest floor routine to reverse aging after 50, trainer says.”

Well + Good:  “8 anti-inflammatory foods rich in lycopene to boost heart health and longevity.”

Travel Awaits: “6 amazing campgrounds near U.S. national parks.”

And that is Today’s News, ladies.  I hope you found something here that is helpful or interesting.

Please comment on any of the articles and thank you for joining us today….more summer fun tomorrow!


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