Bunny von Karatz unveils new collection inspired by cities around the world

Bunny von Karatz, a new emerging jewellery brand, has unveiled its new collection created by Ruth MacDonald.

Inspired by the 20th Century aesthete Bunny Von Karatz, BVK launched with its signature piece, ‘The Bunny’, six pieces named for iconic global cities or locations: Trancoso, Sevilla, Jaipur, Fez, Kandy and Shanghai.

‘The Bunny’ is presented in either blue, white, pink, orange and yellow sapphire versions, or
in green tsavorite garnets and are set in 18 carat rhodium, palladium, rose or antique gold

The jeweller said: ‘The Bunny’ has a unique clasp mechanism, beautifully and ingeniously designed so it can be secured to the chain, thus allowing the wearer to move freely without moving position on the chain. This mechanism further allows you to collect a number of Bunnies or to build your own unique collection for a stunning bespoke necklace.”


Patrick Dunne

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