H2O Watch HYDRA Titanium TiMASCUS [anodized artisanry]

H2O Watch’s second Exotic Materials, summer drop is here and likes its namesake someone has taken a flaming torch to it!

This new model mightn’t possess immortality, head regeneration or even have poisonous blood coursing through its veins but like the Hydra of Greek mythology someone has taken a flaming torch to it and the results are quite spectacular.

You see the only way that Hercules could defeat the Hydra was to lop of its main, immortal head from its body and have his nephew; Iolaus immediately cauterize the wound with a flame.

I digress; this new Hydra’s TiMascus dial was forged by a highly proficient German knife-maker after which H2O cut and engraved its markings using an in-house, high-precision laser ablation machine.

Beyond its hand-polished, sandwich dial with its captivating heat anodized coloration, the Hydra exudes olde world charm from its 1940s case architecture while offering the very latest in materials technologies with the use of Titanium Grade 5.

Framing the TiMASCUS dial is a choice of 4x rotational bezel engravings that include; classic dots, a handy 12hr GMT, a minimalist single 12hr dot as well as retro California markings using a mix of Arabic and Roman numerals.

Meanwhile the Hydra’s exotic striped dial has been duly appointed with plenty a chromed handset making use of the strong glowing Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 which is covered with your choice of flat or domed Sapphire crystals.

Powering the H2O Hydra with TiMASCUS dial is a choice of two hand-cranked movements, a Swiss made UNITAS 6497 caliber with a beat-rate of 18.000vph or a Seagull TY3600 beating at 21.600vph.

The H2O Watch Hydra G5 Titanium with TiMASCUS dial is only available in limited quantities from H2Os Exotic Materials SALE that runs from the 20th to the 30th of June 2022 where it is currently on OFFER for 950euro.



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