Uncovering The Best Kids’ Travel Gear For Your Next Trip

If you’re dreaming of your next trip and you have children in tow, you’ll no doubt know about packing. When you have kids, packing becomes a nightmare! Not only do you need to cover the basics, but you also have to think about things to keep them occupied and the ‘just in case’ elements too. 

Making lists beforehand is a great way to stay organized and to make sure you don’t miss anything. So, if you’re planning your next trip ahead of time, be sure to include these 10 must have kids’ travel gear items. 

Mima Ovi Suitcase
Having your child’s toys and must-have travel accessories close to hand is vital and if they’re of the age where they want to have their own travel bag beside them on journeys, this is the perfect option. Oval shaped and available in several different colors, your little one will adore this bag and will want to take it everywhere!

Ubbi Tweat Snack Container
Having snacks to hand makes your journey far easier! However, having individual bags can become messy and you’ll soon end up with leaks and crumbs everywhere. This travel snack container makes life easier and you can easily grab snacks when your little one becomes grouchy. As a side-note, its also PVC, BPA and phthalate free.

Travel Matching Game 
This is a great choice on two different levels. Firstly, it keeps your little ones occupied while you’re traveling, and secondly, it helps them get into the mood for all the things they’re going to be seeing during their trip. Encouraging your children to be excited about travel is important and this matching game is a great way to do that, while boosting memory and concentration too. 

Kids’ Shark Checkered Large Backpack
Fashionable children need fashionable items to travel with, and there is nothing more fashionable than this funky backpack from OMG Accessories. The bag is in the shape of a regular backpack, the difference is the huge shark teeth on the front. Kids will love the unusual design and it has plenty of space inside for everything your child needs to keep them occupied.

Children’s Travel Journal 
Creating memories is important, but so is learning. In this children’s travel journal, your little ones get to do both. Packed with space for them to record everything they’re experiencing while they’re away from home and with plenty of room for saving mementos, such as tickets and photographs too. You’ll raise a travel-loving child with this journal!

Kuki Inflatable Leg Rest
We all know that plane seats aren’t the most comfortable and if your child wants to sleep, there’s not a huge amount of space. This inflatable travel pillow and leg rest is ideal because it’s multi-use. You can use it to support their head, as a pillow, or you can attach it to the bottom of the seat and allow them to lay flat. Your child can literally have their own bed while traveling. 

Inglesina Fast Table Chair
Having this portable booster seat and/or high chair with you while you’re traveling with serve so many purposes. You can use it in cafes, restaurants, in hotels, while camping, literally anywhere. This chair also folds up to a compact size, so it’s super-easy to take with you on the go. 

Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty
This compact and lightweight, child-friendly Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty is easily portable for a perfect on-the-go solution. This portable travel potty is the ideal accessory to take with you on your travels. Not only is it small and compact, but it’s also going to save you a world of stress.

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Voloio Carry On Scooter Suitcase
If your children are bored and playing up in the airport, this is the perfect item to pass the time! Not only is this a scooter but it’s also a suitcase at the same time, so your little ones can store all their entertainment items, or the things they need for the trip, and still use it as a toy too. The suitcase is carry-on sized, so no issues with most airlines either. 

UPPAbaby Minu Stroller
If you have a very small child and you’re off on a trip, you’re not going to want to take a heavy stroller with you. The UPPAbaby Minu is a great choice because it’s super lightweight at just 15 pounds and it folds up small and compact. You can even push it with one hand!

These 10 kids’ travel gear items will certainly make your trips easier on the stress levels!


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