My Hermès Paris Appointment System Experiences

Cue the madness. So many SAs weaving through the crowd, shoe boxes stacked in piles, and customers flipping shoes over searching for their size. Surprisingly, it was even crazier upstairs than downstairs.

I waited patiently for a SA only to discover that there’s a waitlist for shoes too! I checked in with one of the associates wearing a red and blue patterned scarf over his suit. He typed my information into his iPad and asked me to wait for an available SA.

We found an empty couch where I whipped out my iPad to keep the kids occupied. “Thank you for the free Wi-Fi, Hermès!” I thought to myself. About 15 minutes later, I was greeted by a young SA who asked me what I was looking for. I asked about Chypres sandals and a pair of Dream Sneakers.

When she returned with my size, she instructed, “Can you please follow me to the dressing room?” She wanted me try them on privately, fearing that opening a box of Chypres would cause a frenzy on the shoe department floor. With her assistance, I ended up buying two pairs of shoes, two scarves, two bracelets and a twilly.

Before I left for Paris, my sister jokingly said, “What if you run into Michael Coste? You should take a photo with him.”

Then, lo and behold, there he was! Surely, this was a sign of good luck from the Orange Gods of Hermès.

Shirin Homiar

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