3 Ways To Wear The Khaki Suit

3 Ways To Wear The Khaki Suit

the suit to get you through the summer

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Jun 26 2022

More versatile than you may think, the cotton khaki suit makes a great addition to any guy’s closet in the spring and summer.

Stand out from the sea of standard grey and navy at the office. Make a style statement at weddings. Look better than your friends at parties. This suit can help you do it all.

The khaki suit: Bonobos

Below, three ways to wear a khaki suit:

cotton khaki suit outfit

shirt: J.Crew | knit tie: The Tie Bar | sneakers: New Balance

Wear it Well: This look is great for a wedding, a baby shower, an engagement party or any other celebratory summer event.

If you’re going to wear a tie, make sure your shirt is tucked into your pants. You don’t have to wear a belt if the pants fit well. Though, if they are a bit big around the waist, a belt is a must. And make sure it coordinates with your shoes!

As for what to wear on your feet? No-show socks will allow you to flash some serious ankle, comfortably and sweat-free.

If you want to add a pocket square, fold the fabric into a rectangle the size of your pocket, slide it in length-wise, and leave about a ¼ inch poking out above the top of the pocket.

casual cotton khaki suit outfit

knit polo shirt: Buck Mason | loafers: Bruno Magli

Wear it Well: This look would be great for any occasion that calls for dressing up outdoors. Something breezily elegant, like a polo match or garden party.

Tuck the knit polo into the front of your pants, or fold it over while leaving it untucked.


striped tee: Armor-Lux | boat shoes: Sperry | sunglasses: Le Specs

Wear it Well: The mix of a t-shirt with a suit lends itself to casual afternoon drinks or the patio of a wine bar.

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