June 2022 Start with a Bracelet: The Surprising Lynx Bracelets

June 27, 2022

Some years their more… eccentric aunt can’t make it up to the lake for a weekend with them. They understand; she travels a lot and is often busy with work…

So when they got a call asking if there was room for her this coming weekend, they were all pretty excited to see her, for all kinds of reasons!

Her current car is a convertible. Electric. Very sleek… And she looked quite elegant…

They weren’t expecting purple socks, but they weren’t exactly surprised…

It was the next morning, when she turned up for breakfast wearing a swim-dress, a matching hoodie, and water shoes, that they were gobsmacked…

“Yea, I was stuck in the Maldives for a few days on a business trip, and so I learned to paddleboard while I was waiting for the office staff to finish the presentation…”


And why not, eh?

What are the odds that they can get her into an inner-tube, to be pulled around the lake behind the family’s little motor boat?



p.s. Eight years ago, we paused to review our “Wardrobe From Scratch” wardrobes – 24 outfits with 9 garments. A pretty good return on investment, I’d say!

Build a capsule wardrobe starting with a bracelet in white and purple

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