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Happy Tuesday ladies. When I made a quick stop at the mall late yesterday, I passed a woman heading out to her car wearing wide-leg white linen crops with a long black and white striped shirt and white tennies. Her short dark hair was covered with a white baseball cap and she was wearing bright red lipstick. She looked cool as a cucumber, cute as a button, and extremely stylish. Everywhere I look these days, I see cropped pants so when I spotted this window display, I decided to restyle the outfit and play with the cropped jean proportions.

BTW- I think this necklace is a total misfire with this outfit. It’s too visually chunky and dressy for this casual look.

This square neck shell top is in crisp cotton with beautiful cheery colors with a tiny metallic thread running through. It has bra strap-friendly shoulder straps and its hip length is perfect to wear untucked. In fact, it looked terrible when I tucked it in.

FYI- the very first review on the website complains that the stripes don’t match on the front of this top. Of course they don’t because they can’t!  The front yolk is straight and the bodice fabric is gently gathered to ease over the bustline! Please read product reviews with a critical eye.

Here I am in the outfit the mannequin is modeling. The straight-leg crop jeans are in a very pale wash that’s perfect for summer and coordinate nicely with the top.

Even though these cropped legs are straight, I know I wouldn’t wear this length so I tried the top with these modern ankle jeans. I prefer this proportion on me because it elongates the look of my silhouette. I also favor the paler wash of the crops over the darker jeans because the transition is softer.

woman showing twp versions of cropped jean proportions

Then I swapped into a button-front striped shirt in the palest of blues. The top on the right is longer, which theoretically shouldn’t improve the cropped jean proportions, but because the soft blue creates a column of color with the crops, it does elongate the look. There’s less body lengthening with the darker wash ankle jeans but my legs still look longer.

woman in side by side showing cropped jean proportions

What proportions do you see in this side-by-side comparison with the cropped jeans?

Do you prefer the column of color?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident, comfortable, and happy.



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