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Bottega Veneta NYC | Store Locator

If you’re in New York, chances are you’ll see countless people going through town wearing the latest fashion, and it’s only natural to want to join in on the fun. Problem is, with so many designer brands on offer in NYC, it’s hard to know where to start. On this page, we’re compiling a list […]

What is Timeless Fashion?

We are always changing, and consequently the way we dress is too. Fashion trends come and go, especially with the reign of fast fashion in our society. With new trends released weekly, fast fashion comes with an expiry date. This model is unsustainable in every way – the garments are often of low quality since […]

Able Carry Max Backpack Review

Ever since Able Carry’s first Kickstarter with the Daily Backpack, they’ve won respect from fans and the industry alike for their clean, urban-styled packs. And this year, the small Hong Kong outfit took home their very first Carry Award, with the Able Carry Max winning Best Carry-On. But the thing is, this is more than […]

Which Chanel Flap Are You?

Mirror mirror on the wall, which Chanel classic is fairest of them all? Naturally, that choice may vary from day to day, season to season and even person to person. But how do you pick? Of course, color, material, and brand are all important considerations. But perhaps size is most important of all… The size […]

Chanel Spring Summer 2022 Classic Bag Collection Act 2

Chanel Spring Summer 2022 Classic Bag Collection Act 2 Chanel 22 Large BagStyle code: AS3262Size: 18.7’ x 17.6’ x 3.9’ inchesPrice: $5800 USD, $7100 CAD, €5300 EUR, £4450 GBP, $8490 SGD, $44400 HKD, $8890 AUD, ¥720500 JPY, 25100 MYR, ₩7570000 WON, 5570 CHF, ฿203500 BAHT Chanel Mini Flap BagStyle code: A69900Size: 4.7’ x 7.8’ x […]

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