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Hermes H Sellier Glasses Case

Hermes H Sellier Glasses Case Beautiful and minimalistic, Hermes focuses purely on the leather – Hermes H Sellier Glasses Case. Crafted from calfskin leather, featuring removable lanyard and the craftmanship is also amazing. Take a look at the contrasting saddle-stitch, hand-sewn ‘H en Biais’ detailing. So if you ever need a stylish Glasses Case, check […]

The Many Bags of Fendi Men’s Spring 2023

In years past, the men’s versions of Fashion Week never got nearly as much attention as the women’s did, but in the last 3 or 4 years, that’s all changed, and for a good reason. As fashion moves towards more inclusive and less gender-specific products, menswear collections now feature a wide array of bags, even […]

Remote Equipment Alpha 31 V2

Our senior editor, Brandon Vulaj, checks out one of the most anticipated V2s of the year with the Remote Equipment Alpha 31. It’s one special technical pack that’s designed for the outdoors but can flex to everyday needs and active commutes when you need it. Brandon Vulaj Source link

Chanel Boy Messenger Bag | Bragmybag

Chanel Boy Messenger Bag Introduced for the Pre-Fall 2022 Collection Act 2, the Chanel Boy Messenger Bag. It’s quite rare to find a Chanel Boy in the Messenger style. I have to say, this bag looks incredible and durable. The gorgeous round-shaped body is refined with all the boyish detailing like the boy clasp and […]

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