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It’s Never Too Late: How This Busy Mom Turned Her “Side-Hustle” of 15 Years Into A Full-Time Jewelry Business

Some people think professional jewelry business coaching is only for beginners, but that couldn’t be further from the truth for Susan Collick. In 2017, Susan Collick’s jewelry business, Daisy Chains, had just turned 15-years-old. It was hard to believe it had been that long, because Susan knew she had hardly scratched the surface of her […]

Who Keeps the Ring? | PriceScope

The laws are different in the case of who keeps the rings post-divorce. Generally speaking, an engagement ring is considered a pre-marital gift that can remain with the recipient. There may be a different arrangement determined in divorce court, but that is the general thinking. If a ring is intended to be passed on to […]

Pearls! Pearls! Pearls! – Nunn Design

Pearls are organic gems, formed when an irritant such as a bit of sand or pebble finds it’s way inside the oyster shell. There has to be the grit or irritant to create the beautiful, luminous, organic gem of a pearl. So true is life! Here is some inspiration to inspire you to incorporate pearls […]

Make a Bridal Hair Comb

I will be using freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystals but you can create this design with all sorts of beads. This is a really lovely project that doesn’t require a lot of tools! Project suitable for: beginners Materials Silver plated round wire 0.4mm Silver plated hair comb Freshwater pearls – various sizes Pearl seed beads […]

50 Historic Tiaras Go On Display at Sotheby’s

Royalty The exhibit includes Princess Diana’s wedding tiara and Queen Victoria’s emerald tiara by Marion Fasel May 19, 2022—In celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, Sotheby’s has organized a historic exhibition titled Power & Image: Royal and Aristocratic Tiaras. Among the almost 50 tiaras on view will be the Spencer tiara Princess Diana wore at […]

How to Use Promotional Pricing Strategies for Your Business

Promotional Pricing Strategies are a popular and effective way of generating revenue. Companies use this strategy to increase the demand of their products by creating a sense of urgency in potential shoppers. Promotional Pricing Strategies can be done through discounts, giveaways, or other activities that signify to customers that there is something special about the […]

Summer Engagement Ideas

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year. Warm weather, long days, and vacations contribute to an overall feeling of happiness and positivity for all. Summer is also one of the most popular times to propose. Romantic trips, picnics, and gorgeous sunsets are some of the best times to ask for someone’s hand […]

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