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What Are Gemstones? A Complete Guide  –

What is a gemstone? Join us as we explore fun facts about gemstones from their origins, symbolism, rarity, and which ones are used as our favorite birthstones.  Gemstones have mesmerized people for centuries. Throughout history, gems had become a sign of wealth and grew even more popular when an entire belief system arose around the […]

How to Wear Different Types of Earrings (and look great)

Did you know that people have been wearing earrings for thousands of years? Over that time there have been all sorts of different types of earrings created, many of which continue to be worn to this day. When deciding which earring types you should wear with which outfits it can be hard to choose. How do you know which type will look good on […]

A Guide To Using Flux For Silversmithing

There two main types of flux used for soldering silver together. Both types do exactly the same job but you may find you eventually have a preference for using one or the other. If you’d like to learn more about soldering, you can download our free PDF guide or sign up for our Soldering Masterclass […]

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