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Best crafts shows in the U.S. in 2021

Crafts shows are coming back! Some are still virtual this year but many are going live again for the open-air festival season. I don’t know about you but I am so ready to mingle with makers and shop some jewelry. Here are some of the best shows for unique, finely-crafted jewelry. Makers rely on them […]

Do no harm: Eric Braunwart on Fair Trade Gems

Ethically sourced, fair-mined, eco-friendly, sustainable – these are buzz words in jewelry now. So many jewelers are claiming that as part of their brand. When I see those words on a jewelry website, I dig deeper. Does the term apply to gems as well as metals? Are they monitoring their sources or just donating a […]

Q & A with Lindsay Knox of Ladha Jewelry – Gem Gossip

A lifelong love for art and fashion lead jewelry designer Lindsay Knox to silversmithing classes, where her keen eye for distinctive forms quickly became a vehicle to display her talent. Influenced by the travels of her family’s matriarchs, Lindsay’s jewelry conveys an old world feel, through modern silhouettes imbued with a global sensibility. Her brand, […]

Captivating Ideas For Beach Season

Most of us love to feel sand between our toes. What about silver or gold? If toe rings are a cute summer accessory you’re craving right now, you can find out everything you need to know about them from us! How to wear a toe ring, which toe to wear a ring on, and what […]


To celebrate the month of June, let’s have a closer look at this month’s birthstone: Pearl!  Here is a 101 to the enchanting world of pearls with a deeper look into their formation, properties, various types and some of the most unforgettable pearl jewelry to date. FORMATION: Pearl is a hard, glistening object that forms […]

Top 5 ways to style your Navaratna Jewellery

Navaratna jewellery is now and trending; colourful, radiant and a true show of elegance this category of jewellery is finding its’ way into every girls’ jewellery box. The best part of Navaratna jewellery is that you don’t need to pick just one stone, you can have an array of nine gems to sparkle with it. […]

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