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Moissanite Engagement Rings (2021 Guide)

2021 has shown moissanite engagement rings a lot of love! Moissanite is a terrific gemstone choice for an engagement ring and any fine jewellery; Moissanites are extremely durable. Virtually indistinguishable from diamonds. Green en eco-clean. Priced at a fraction of natural diamonds. Let’s see why an increasing number of couples are choosing to use moissanite […]

Lab-Grown vs. Natural Diamonds – Tara Fine Jewelry Co.

Lately, you may have heard the phrase “lab-grown or lab-created diamond.” Lab-grown diamonds are a relatively new phenomenon as they are manufactured diamonds constructed by humans. These lab-created diamonds’ qualities range from marginal to good and their quality has increased with the laboratory experience level. That said, don’t be fooled. They’re indistinguishable to the untrained […]

Tips on Shopping Diamond Jewelry

Tips on Shopping Diamond Jewelry   Buying diamond jewelry online takes more than just paying. It has days and months of research behind it. Since the pandemic hit the world, people have been reluctant to go out and hunt for diamond jewelry. Some people prefer staying at home and ordering jewelry, while some go out […]

Popular Diamond Necklace Trends of 2021

Popular Diamond Necklace Trends of 2021   Nothing sparkles more than a diamond necklace. Diamond necklaces have been an indispensable accessory for years. It has been adorned by women every day or saved for a special occasion or date. NO KA ‘OI Jewelers is a leading name when it comes to Jewelers in Hawaii. Each […]

The Amazing Benefits Of Recycling Old Jewelry

The Amazing Benefits Of Recycling Old Jewelry   With the advent of online shopping growing to such tremendous popularity, buyers have a diverse variety of options to scour through. Finding that perfect piece of jewelry that sets your soul ablaze can still be a task even when you have thousands of options. Different occasions inspire […]

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