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Athletic Fit Shirts, Shorts and Jeans

Looking for a detailed, honest Barbell Apparel review? In this article, two contributors to The Modest Man share their firsthand experiences with the brand. Photography by Anthony Bolognese If there’s a paradox in the clothing industry, it’s in athleisure. As the professional way of life continues to change, so will dress requirements. We’ve been consistently […]

Leggings For Men Are Now Acceptable?

There are two types of men in this world: those who turn their noses up at the idea of squeezing themselves into a pair of leggings and those who have actually tried it. Men in the latter camp understand the additional level of comfort, practicality, functionality and performance compression legwear can bring to the table. […]

4 Unusual Cryptocurrencies You Might Want to Invest In

Cryptocurrencies have been making headlines due to their increasing value and the increased amounts of money being poured into these virtual currencies. Even though virtual currencies such as Bitcoin have their unique value proposition, many believe they are simply a passing phase for traditional currencies. While this might not be true for all cryptocurrencies, most […]

Take a Chance | Valet.

Here’s an interesting story about Brett Goldstein, the British actor and comedian who plays the lovably gruff Roy Kent on Ted Lasso. Or rather, about how he was never supposed to be on the series. He was hired as a writer and in the early days of the show’s development, he was hit with an […]

Parker van Noord Model HTSI Magazine Cover Editorial

Published on June 23, 2022 Photos by Bibi Cornejo BorthwickStyling by James Valeri Parker van Noord is back in the spotlight following a memorable trip to Morocco. As the face of the Financial Times’ HTSI magazine, the Dutch fashion model embraces a “Perfectly Tailored” summer. Parker, who stars in “Cool of the Wild,” graces HTSI’s pages with his exquisite appearance. For HTSI magazine, Parker van […]

5 Tips Before You Start Using Retinol

4. Strip out irritating products  When you first start using retinol, be more mindful of the other skincare products that you are using. Try to minimise the use of acids and peels on the nights you are using your retinol product; and avoid exfoliating the next day.  Retinol increases the frequency of your skin cell […]

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