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Shoe selfies to the extreme?

  I’ve been taking pictures of my shoes since before I had a smartphone and before the word selfie came into lingo. These pictures above were all taken with a digital camera by bending over and snapping, to piggyback on the words of Legally Blonde. But for some shoe selfie takers have decided to up […]

The gold standard for making men’s shoes?

Technology is revolutionizing everything from how we shop for shoes, to the weight of our sneakers and even if we have to lace them ourselves. But most experts agree the best way to make men’s shoes is a method invented 150 years ago. It’s known as the Goodyear Welt and while it is more expensive, […]

Red Shoes!

          There is something about red shoes, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think  so. I have shoes in every color and red shoes always get the most attention, even above the sparklers, of which I also have many. Red demands attention. That’s why it the color of high alerts. […]

Mood Boost? Chocolate and New Shoes

I would be lying to say I have never used retail therapy to soothe my soul. Sometimes positive affirmations are not enough to get you past a bad day… week…month. ‘I’ll buy a pair of red pumps and dance ‘…. and if needed depending on the situation ‘on your grave.’ I know this is not […]

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