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Cardi B Debuted a Bubblegum Pink Bowl Cut

Cardi B revealed one of her shortest hairstyles ever. Just days after debuting a rainbow, Pride-inspired look, the singer has gone back to bubblegum pink, showing off her very, very short new style on Instagram.  Unveiling the new look via her Instagram Story, Cardi B posed with her bubblegum pink bowl cut. The short and […]

Millie Bobby Brown Did Not Shave Her Head Again for “Stranger Things 4”

In 2016, Millie Bobby Brown rose to fame playing the telekinetic Eleven on Netflix’s massively successful Stranger Things with a buzzcut that became the character’s signature look. As the show progressed, Eleven (also referred to as Elle) integrated with the Hawkins crew and ultimately grew her hair out. But, thanks to some simulations/flashbacks, the latest season of the show […]

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