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14 Health Benefits Of Rose Apples (Water Apples)

Did you know that the rose apple is used for both food and medicinal purposes? It is also known by the scientific name of Syzgium Jambos. The fruit has several health benefits including protection against diabetes, better digestive system, improved immune system, cancer prevention, reduced fever, and treatment against epileptic seizures. What Is A Water […]

10 BENEFITS OF GOING DIY (and what it means)

“Technical or purely aesthetic, the joy of creation and possessing that creation is something unexplainable; doubling when together.” Why DIY? There are some among us who love the feel that accomplishments bring. And there are people who just love having fun in creative ways. There are people from every age group, skill sets and skill […]

The Amazing Benefits Of Recycling Old Jewelry

The Amazing Benefits Of Recycling Old Jewelry   With the advent of online shopping growing to such tremendous popularity, buyers have a diverse variety of options to scour through. Finding that perfect piece of jewelry that sets your soul ablaze can still be a task even when you have thousands of options. Different occasions inspire […]

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