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Clean Origin Diamonds & Engagement Rings Review

Variety Lab-grown diamonds are genuine diamonds, make no mistake. There’s a lot of confusion between mined diamonds and lab-created ones, but you can rest assured they’re 100% real diamonds. Between lab-created diamonds and mined diamonds, the main difference is their origin.  Diamonds created in a laboratory are sometimes referred to as synthetic diamonds. Even though […]

How to Clean Satin Shoes

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. Please read our Disclosure for more info. Satin and silk are among the most fragile materials you can lay your hand on. And, given the likelihood of filth […]

How To: Spring Clean Your Shoe Wardrobe

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 26TH MARCH 2020WORDS BY FLORENCE TROTT Tidy wardrobe, tidy mind. And more room for a new pair of Bottega Veneta’s. Every cloud has a silver lining. Right now, what we’ve lost in mobility, we’ve gained in time. Time to breathe. Time to take stock of what matters most, to read the books that have been […]

How to Properly Clean Silver Jewellery Tarnish

Imagine: you’re going out for a special meal. You’ve picked the perfect outfit, shoes and makeup. You go to add your favourite piece of silver jewellery as a finishing touch, but you open your jewellery box to discover it’s covered in awful brown and black tarnish, rendering it unwearable. What now? While you can remove silver tarnish […]

How To Clean A Suede Bag – BagsLounge Guide

We fashionistas eye luxurious leather bags, save and make the splurge. But irregular upkeep may cause us to simply keep them stowed inside our closets. Leather bags need precision knowledge for cleaning. Suede leather bags, fortunately, are relatively easier to maintain. You can do the basic steps yourselves, once you learn how to clean a suede bag […]

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