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GuidoMaggi elevator shoes or elevator insoles? There is no doubt: GM footwear is the right choice to gain extra centimetres in style

Men who want to increase their height sometimes resort to the classic height increasing insoles, which are cheaper but definitely unattractive and uncomfortable. If you’re going to enhance your silhouette, the ideal is to wear the elevator shoes of the Lecce brand: comfortable, elegant, and capable of increasing height comfortably and discreetly. Many men wish […]

GuidoMaggi focuses on sustainability: using noble Italian leather for the elevator shoes is the first step towards a truly eco-friendly economy

The Lecce brand chooses high-quality raw materials, vegetable-tanned, to ensure the highest standards while protecting the environment. Using fake leather products is not an eco-friendly decision. By now, it is well known that accessories of this type, boasting a high standard of sustainability, on the contrary, contribute substantially to pollution. Not only are they less […]

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