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Koko Kids Silicone Feeding Sets

We have all of our products independently tested to ensure they conform to stringent safety tests. So when you buy from Koko Kids you can rest assured your baby or toddler isn’t being exposed to any harmful chemicals. Please click the image below to view our safety report for our silicone set. Gill Peacock Source […]

Bamboo Suction Plates – Koko Kids

Our bamboo suction dinnerware is made from natural bamboo wood. Ideal for finger food/snacks or prepared meals such as pasta or pureed vegetables, they’re fitted with a strong silicone suction ring that little hands won’t be able to remove. However, when mealtimes are over, simply lift the tab and the plate or bowl will come away easily […]

3 Ways to Swaddle your Baby – Koko Kids

There are many different ways to swaddle a baby and with a little bit of practice and experience, you’ll soon find what works best for you and your little one. Below we outline three of the most popular methods that you can try out depending on your baby’s age, preferences and your own swaddling skills.  Diamond swaddle […]

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