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Baroque Pearls – Krishna Pearls

Baroque Pearls Do you love pearls?  No lady will say NO to that question, but a good number of them would want to own pearls that are something different.  If you belong to the latter,  baroque pearls could be right for you. What are baroque pearls?  These pearls are different from the perfectly round pearls […]

Fashion Pearl Jewellery – Krishna Pearls

Who doesn’t love fashion pearl jewellery?  Not a single lady would say that she is not interested in receiving pearl jewelry sets, a ring, an earring, a bracelet, or a bangle.  Especially so when this piece of jewellery is given as a gift. Pearls look very elegant and classy when worn, even with the simplest […]

Charminar Pearl Market – Krishna Pearls

The hustle and bustle of Hyderabad markets are all too well-known for the common man and woman. But if you are looking for pearls and pearl jewellery, let us tell you that Hyderabad is the one-stop destination for you to find pearls. There are plenty of places to go to for pearl jewellery at Charminar […]

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