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How are laboratory diamonds made?

If you’re starting your diamond engagement ring research in 2022, you’ll stroll onto a landscape vastly different from even a decade ago.  Laboratory grown diamonds have become a viable recommendation and in turn choice for many couples during their search for the perfect engagement ring, or any fine diamond jewellery for that matter.  We’re far […]

Are Laboratory Grown Diamonds A Good Investment?

Is there a more emotionally driven purchase than that of a diamond… especially a diamond engagement ring?  Not in my world.  Fortunately, diamonds (with a few exceptions) have been seen as a decent store of value, or even investment if you will, historically.  As with mined diamonds, whether an investment into a laboratory diamond will […]

Do Laboratory Grown Diamonds Scratch & Break Easily?

If you’re considering a laboratory made diamond engagement ring, questions about durability should sprout. As a first step; Laboratory made diamonds are as real as any mined diamond.  Having the exact carbon crystal structure as mined diamonds they share the physical properties such as lustre, sparkle and yes, supreme durability to any other mineral on […]

The 4C’s of Laboratory Grown Diamonds

  Did you know there are over 20 000 possible combinations of the basic diamond specifications: colour, shape, clarity and cut?  It can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.  This blog is a great starting point. The 4C model is a great starting point to help you in understanding the most important characteristics, […]

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