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Parker van Noord Model HTSI Magazine Cover Editorial

Published on June 23, 2022 Photos by Bibi Cornejo BorthwickStyling by James Valeri Parker van Noord is back in the spotlight following a memorable trip to Morocco. As the face of the Financial Times’ HTSI magazine, the Dutch fashion model embraces a “Perfectly Tailored” summer. Parker, who stars in “Cool of the Wild,” graces HTSI’s pages with his exquisite appearance. For HTSI magazine, Parker van […]

Vintage Hamilton Watch Restoration: 1956 Parker B

Hamilton often introduced movement changes during a specific model’s run that required a slightly different case design.  These models were typically given a B designation.  This became very common when the 14/0 sized 980, 982, and 982M movements were replaced by the 12/0 size 752, 753 and 754, respectively. The another wave of B models […]

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