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Yellow Sapphire | How to wear Yellow Sapphire

Astrological-Rituals-For-Wearing-A-Yellow-Sapphire Yellow sapphire is known as “Pushparaga” in Sanskrit and “Pukhraj” in Hindi. It is a gemstone of Corundum family. For gaining the favor of the Jupiter planet and astrologer recommend that one select a Pukhraj that is transparent, smooth, yellow and with a slight shine that sparkles. How to Wear Yellow Sapphire Yellow sapphire […]

Yellow Sapphire | Best Substitute Of Yellow Sapphire

All-regarding-Best-Substitute-Of-Yellow-Sapphire Introduction Of Yellow Sapphire Substitute Yellow Sapphire is that the primary gem for the world Jupiter (Guru). Additionally, identified by “Pukhraj”. Yellow Sapphire may be a gem a lot of in demand, thanks to its helpful properties and astrological use. Moreover, its high worth is one in every of the most reasons why people […]

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