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These Are The Top 20 Hair Color Ideas v2

*** Below some Beautiful shorthair Ideas , are you ready for an new Creation Follow her also on Instagram (function ( $ ) { “use strict”; $(function () { var masterslider_0169 = new MasterSlider(); // slider controls masterslider_0169.control(‘thumblist’ ,{ autohide:false, overVideo:true, dir:’h’, speed:17, inset:false, arrows:false, hover:false, customClass:”, align:’bottom’,type:’thumbs’, margin:10, width:100, height:80, space:5, fillMode:’fill’ }); // […]

Top 7 Best Shoes for Vet Techs

Best Shoes for Vet Techs Do you spend a lot of time on your feet? Are you looking for comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk around or stand without getting sore after a long day? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s time to check out what kind of footwear […]


Summer is officially here and that means that it’s just about time to refresh your look to welcome in the warmer weather! If you’ve been thinking about freshening up your look but don’t know which direction to take, here’s a little Q+A we did with Anh that should bring you a little guidance! 1. Generally […]

Top 3 Trends of Milan Men’s Spring Summer 2023

Image: Fendi Utilitarianism has reemerged in Italy’s style capital during Milan Men’s Spring Summer 2023. The collections beckoned nostalgia with denim and lightweight fabrics that are making a comeback when the practical trend was last seen on the runways of Spring Summer 2018. The refreshed silhouettes are now reemerging on the runways showcasing the utilitarian […]

Top 8 Best Shoes for Pharmacy Techs

Best Shoes for Pharmacy Techs Pharmacy techs should be mindful of what they wear. This is because pharmacy techs are on their feet for hours at a time, and they need to make sure that the shoes they are wearing are comfortable and supportive. If you are a pharmacy technician, you will need to choose […]

30 of the Top Black Celebrity Hairstyles

From natural color and curls to platinum dye and stick-straight hair, African American celebrities have done just about everything with their hair. The top black celebrity hairstyles have sparked fashion trends over the years. It’s amazing to see them change their look with extensions, blowouts and color. Then, they transform their hairstyles to a more […]

Kenzo top with blue trousers

On a little tour through Amsterdam I wore my Kenzo top with blue trousers and very comfortable golden sandals. The top has been in my wardrobe for many years but I used to wear it only with a jacket because the sleeves are quite short and my upper arms very wrinkly. Ron says I should […]

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