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Aquamarine vs Paraiba Tourmaline: What’s the Difference?

At first sight, aquamarine and paraiba tourmaline are similar-looking gemstones. Both have soft blue to greenish-blue colours; however, the range of their hues and other properties is different. Aquamarine vs paraiba tourmaline – let’s discover the difference and learn not to confuse the two. Aquamarine vs Paraiba Tourmaline Formation Aquamarine is the light blue to […]

Pink Tourmaline – Sentimental Gems

Pink Tourmaline aids in the healing of stress, anxiety, and trauma. Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, emotional healing and self-love. It is said to help with motion sickness and sleeps. Pink Tourmaline provides comfort, brings one’s life purpose into all the Hara chakras and earth-plane conscious awareness, balancing energy flow in the […]

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