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Watch Cases 101 | Types of Watch Cases

Much has been made of the elements that make a watch immediately eye-catching. Dials, hands, and brilliantly colored straps all make for buzzworthy fare but one part is absolutely essential – the humble watch case. Put plainly, a watch is alluring because of the sum of its parts. Each component plays a vital role in […]

5 Types of T-Shirts & How to Wear Them

You are now reading Gentleman Within’s definitive t-shirt guide. Today a t-shirt can be found in every man’s wardrobe. Along with underwear and socks, it’s without a doubt the most commonly worn article of clothing. We wear them under dress shirts, jackets, and blazers, from our bedside to the beach, we even wear them to sleep. […]

Types of Shoes That Every Guy Needs

Casual shoes can play a vital role in a guy’s wardrobe. Shoes are an essential item of clothing in your shoedrobe. That is why you should invest in some high-quality casual shoes that will last you a long time and get you through all the daily events. There’s nothing like the moment when your wardrobe […]

18+ Different Types of Sandals

If you’re looking to learn about the different types of sandals, both fashionable and classic sandal styles, this one’s for you! In today’s post on shoe-tease.com, I will walk you through the different types of sandals, from those ancient greek sandals to flip-flops to trendy heeled sandal types. You’ll also get a better idea of all […]

The 14 Different Types of Male Fashion Influencers

The Get Ready With Me Guy Get Ready With Me Guys are Menswear Influencers who have taken it upon themselves to provide their followers with detailed tutorials on how to dress exactly like them. They hold that simply showing their outfits is not enough, and believe all of their followers need step-by-step instructions on how […]

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