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“Sparkling Burgundy,” Spurgles, Cold Duck From Detroit, Rene Pogel (Spell It Backwards), And Other Australian Oddities: If They Are Your Thing You’ll Never Regret It – Reprise

For most wine lovers, the mere thought of sparkling reds is likely to bring forth raised eyebrows and sad shaking of the head. Examples can be found worldwide, but they are usually too sweet, bog average, or weird curiosities. Perhaps bit of fun, but undeserving of a place among serious wines. There is one country […]

Dad Sandals You’ll Want to Buy This Summer

This year, put aside whatever lingering resentment you might have for your dad’s questionable fashion choices. I’m talking about the dad sandals. You know what I mean: those Tevas that look like they’re from a bygone era when high school kids still wore JNCOs and listened to Limp Bizkit. The sandals that say, “Come on […]

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