New Concepts Design | Product Concept Design

After more than 50 years in a rapidly changing product concept design industry, we have decided that the name Design Concepts no longer accurately represents us as a company. As of August 19, 2019, our name is Delve.


The change reflects who we have become over five decades. We dig into tough problems with impactful strategy, product design and engineering that gets results. Delve represents our commitment to deep understanding of user and client needs, our curiosity and drive to explore, technical acumen, and willingness to get our hands dirty.

To be clear, our name change is not the result of acquisition or merger. We continue to be an independent design consultancy that is owned and operated by the same group of shareholders/leaders who represent the many disciplines we offer.


When we made the difficult decision to rebrand, we wanted a name that’s concise, memorable and helps us tell our story. In just five letters, Delve speaks to:

  • Depth of insight, experience
  • Ability to look below the surface
  • Curiosity and willingness to learn
  • Listening, asking tough questions of clients, users and ourselves
  • Deep understanding of business, users and the world
  • Thoughtful exploration to uncover opportunities
  • Getting your hands dirty, digging in, process and rigor

Delve Branding

We worked with the Chicago branding agency Firebelly to develop a visual brand identity that balances our human-centered approach with the very technical aspects of our work.


Our new logo is bold and confident, but the brand identity is balanced by neutrals and pops of soft colors, natural textures, illustration and photography.

So, thanks for letting us re-introduce ourselves. We hope you enjoy exploring our website and listen to our new podcast. Look for white papers and events in the next few months. Find us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think.