Hi, everyone! Some of you might remember me from a different account. I am Stanislav Costiuc, a Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft – most recently worked on Watch Dogs Legion, and before that – Trials Rising. Starting this winter, I have 9 years of total experience in the game industry.

I have recently, for various reasons, have rebooted my personal YouTube channel (and with it my reddit account), which is now called Farlands Design Den.

Some of you might remember that channel as being focused on teaching game design to people in as short videos as possible. Well starting last month I have went into a different direction: in-depth games critique (and while videos are much longer now, I still try to provide points as efficiently as possible).

One of the reasons for the reboot is that my channel lacked consistency, so people never really knew what videos they would find. So I wanted to fix that and start providing a stylistically consistent content.

The 2nd reason is that during quarantine I have listened to a lot of popular longform games critique. And I’ve been disappointed by a couple of things. First, there are no game devs doing such critique, and two, while there are a number of really enjoyable people to listen to, most of these videos are people providing their opinions in a very argumentative way, but not actually dissecting how they work (which to me should be part of an actual critique).

And 3rd reason is kinda fun, so for four years I’ve been developing my own scoring system which I call the Stasocritic, which is about assigning a number to my arguments in as consistent way as possible, based on different criteria and weights, and I wanted to use this in videos and the system suits the whole critique angle.

So I have unlisted all of my about 80+ older videos on the channel (which you can still find in the public Farlands Legacy playlist) and started posting in-depth critique.

My first video of the new format has been a test run where I combined my different material about the first Legend of Zelda into one longform dissection which you can find here:

Game Designer Critiques THE LEGEND OF ZELDA We talk about core pillars, loops, what works and HOW in that game and what we can still be inspired by, what is a product of its time, etc. I really like how it turned out (I think the Design section houses my best content, being part of my main profession, but with each video I improve at other sections).

I also am releasing videos about games you would really never find critique about, like older titles based on book and movie licenses.