The Art & Business of Making Games

Get a job: Square Enix is hiring artists, programmers, and technical artistsimageSquare Enix is seeking motivated and experienced artists, programmers and technical artists to work with it in Tokyo on its next projects and push the boundaries in content creation.Devs offer a look inside Stadia’s fall, and the mismatch of Google and gamesimage“It seemed there were executive-level people not fully grasping how to navigate through a space that is highly creative, cross-disciplinary.”Luna head Marc Whitten leaves Amazon for UnityimageMarc Whitten, VP of Amazon’s Entertainment Devices and Services business and head of its game streaming service Luna, has quietly departed Amazon for another game company: Unity.Don’t Miss: How classic games like Pokemon make smart use of random number generationimageCurious about the best way to put a bit of randomness in your game? With the help of speedrunner research, Gamasutra examines how three classic games (Final Fantasy, Super Mario 64,andPokemon) handle RNG.Blog: A case for sub-factions in strategy gamesimageSub-factions can be used to give players an opportunity to personalize their play experience and create expandable content for a game.Hiro Capital leads $15 million investment into three game studiosimageHiro Capital has led a $15 million investment into mobile and cross-platform studios Snowprint, Double Loop Games, and Happy Volcano.Report: EA cancels new property Gaia after six years in development at EA MotiveimageEA has reportedly canceled a new property codenamed ‘Gaia‘ after six years in development.Valve ordered to comply with Apple’s request for Steam dataimageA California magistrate judge has ordered Valve to comply with Apple’s recent request for financial data on over 400 Steam titles.Get a job: Join Insomniac Games as a Narrative Systems DesignerimageThe Narrative Systems Designer is responsible for the creative implementation of dialogue and working to maximize and improve our narrative systems.Report: Following Anthem struggles, EA drops multiplayer from Dragon Age 4imageEA has abandoned plans to make the nextDragon Agea game with a “heavy multiplayer component” and will instead let it move forward as a single-player experience.Don’t Miss: Akihiro Imamura & Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill 4: The Room postmortemimageIn this Game Developer magazine postmortem, Akihiro Imamura and Akira Yamaoka describe the making of their claustrophobic 2004 horror classic in grisly detail.Report: PlayStation is slowly closing down its first-party SIE Japan StudioimageSIE Japan Studio has seen its share of departures in months past, but a recent staff exodus seems to indicate that PlayStation may be close to closing down the 28 year old game development studio.Learn about Obsidian’s storytelling process from Carrie Patel at GDC ShowcaseimageObsidian Entertainment narrative designer and game director Carrie Patel is doing an AMA session at GDC Showcase!Last call to sign up for GDC Masterclass!imageIt’s your last chance to register for GDC Masterclass. Don’t delay!Video: Lessons from Warframe’s community managementimageIn this 2018 GDC session, Digital Extremes’ Rebecca Ford explains how the Warframe team has worked in tandem with the community team to make strategic decisions.Mobile studio BebopBee nets $2 million to boost live ops and user acquisitionimageCalifornia-based mobile studio BebopBee has secured $2 million in funding to drive user acquisition and build out its live ops.Octopath Traveler surpasses 2.5 million digital sales and shipmentsimageOctopath Travelerhas topped 2.5 million digital sales and shipments in under three years.Nintendo is halting original 3DS and 3DS XL repairs in JapanimageThe original Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL are about to become endangered species in Japan.Blog: Creating traditional sprites with Unity’s new 2D animation packageimageDiving into Unity’s new 2D animation package and finding a lot to love for the creation of sprite-based 2D games.Ongoing Fallout 4 DLC lawsuit could impact Microsoft’s takeover of BethesdaimageBethesda has been dealing with a lawsuit over its handling ofFallout 4’sdownloadable content that could impact Microsoft’s takeover of the company.Blog: Companions and creating player bondsimageA short look at companion characters in non-linear games: How can we make them shine with limited spotlight? What are the key ingredients that make us feel so attached to these characters?Get a job: Join Sucker Punch as a ProducerimageThe Producer will work with the production team and team leads across all areas of the project to manage the development process.Report: Some CD Projekt devs unable to work after ransomware attackimageA report in Bloomberg News indicates that the cyber attack on CD Projekt Red earlier this month has left its developers unable to work on updates toCyberpunk 2077Semiconductor shortage hitting console production to be investigated by White HouseimagePresident Biden is planning to file an executive order later today investigating the supply shortage of semiconductors that’s hit automakers and console developers alike.Join a free talk + Q&A on leadership in game production with Grant ShonkwilerimageWe welcome expert producer Grant Shonkwiler, formerly producer on triple-A shooters at id Software and Epic Games and now consultant at Shonkventures to talk about leadership in game development and answer your questions live.

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